About Us

SIMRIK is an entrepreneurship village of 30+ ventures in 12+ sectors and 1200+ team members. A band of partners, it is a nursery of innovation and change. SIMRIK is about thinking big and assessing how to contribute optimum to the national economy. Housed by the 4 pillars of partnership, power, presence, and patriotism, SIMRIK is in its own pace of growth and ambition of going public wherever it can.






Team Members

Making News

Challenges are an opportune time for ones who dare to act. Simrik Air, a leading helicopter service provider company in Nepal and one of Simrik Venture’s established brands, airlifted COVID-19 positive patients at a call for emergency from various locations of Nepal.

Our Logo

We are inspired by the compass. Our entrepreneurial journey is navigated from a helicopter view. The sharp edges indicate our capabilities and differentiation. The five tip orientations communicate our appetite for growth and diversification. The half-circle represents our flexibility, openness and humility. The wide base depicts our strong foundation and compliance to the core values. The prisms symbolize the Himalayas and our pride for Nepal. The simrik red exhibits our strong drive for the bigger victories.