Our Values

Creating a healthy work environment that fosters mutual respect and transparency has been one of the Simrik’s fundaments. With zero-tolerance for violence and abusive use of language, we make sure our workplace is a safe one. We do not discriminate against individuals on the basis of gender, religion, age, sexual orientation or any other legally protected factor. 



Being powerful does not just mean being rich and gaining control. It is earning trust through credible and honest work. And we believe, with this power of trust at hand, we can transform Nepal into a better nation.



We believe an act of giving allows us to grow. By inculcating a habit of giving, we are able to develop ourselves on a minuscule level which then transcends into developing others, and the nation at large.



Doing impactful work whole-heartedly is what Simrik is committed to do. We commit to ourselves, to our community and to our nation to devote our work into meaningful actions.



We understand one best way to move forward is to take along everyone with us, leaving no one behind. We respect our partners and stakeholders and with synergy, we are adamant we can bring change for better.



We do what we say. We discourage hidden agendas, and message authentic information in both, internal and external, communication. With transparency we are able to build healthy relationships with everyone.