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Our alliances and involvement in multi-industrial companies

Our alliances and involvement in multi-industrial companies give us an unparalleled support in transforming our goals into actions. From media, hydropower projects to education and healthcare, we strive to synergize all for the nation’s true development. Our strategic partnerships have allowed us to explore both our business and economy. We aspire to introduce unique products in Nepal in forms of entertainment, lifestyle, recreation and other aspects of life.

Whenever and wherever…

Simrik Air

Simrik Air, established in 2001, is a leading helicopter service provider company in Nepal. Recognized as a prominent rotor wing airlines in Nepal, we have trained pilots and rescue specialists from the USA and Switzerland to carry out long line missions for rescues, external cargo sling/load lifting, adventure flights, pilgrimage flights, aerial survey, heli-ski and filming as well. With an uncompromising safety, Simrik Air is adamant to provide the best flying experience.

Simrik Heli Trades Pvt. Ltd.

Simrik Heli Trades Pvt. Ltd. registered as an Independent Local Agent of Bell Helicopter for Nepal, began its operations in April 2016 and got IR for Nepal the same year. Simrik Heli Trades coordinates with different commercial helicopter companies including the Nepal Army. In addition, its major function is to increase the selling and purchasing of Bell Machines and uplift the aviation industry as a whole.

Uplifting Nepal’s Aviation Industry

Mirroring society

Annapurna Media Network (AMN)

Annapurna Media Network (AMN) is one of the fastest-expanding and leading multi-media organizations of Nepal. Enabling social leadership and economic development through responsible media practices, we believe interconnecting the core functional areas of the society and nation. AMN has always believed that media is a mirror of the society which reflects the past, explains the present and reveals the future. A publisher of Annapurna Post (Nepali language dialy), Annapurna Express, Annapurna Sampurna and Annapurna Ankur, we run a digital portal – www.annapurnapost.com and also operate AP1 HD TV and Radio Annapurna Nepal 94MHZ.

AP1 Televison

Annapurna Media Network’s Television Channels – AP News HD and AP1 HD – are the latest and most technologically equipped HD Channels of Nepal operated by Annapurna Broadcast Media P. Ltd. Our TV stations are licensed for satellite transmission, and the channels are committed to cater multi-angle in-depth News, current affairs and high quality (content + production) programs to inform and entertain the Nepalese audience.

Nepal’s first and only HD channels in 40+ countries

For credible information

Radio Annapurna Nepal

Radio Annapurna Nepal 94.0 MHZ has a unique identity amongst listeners in radio broadcasting services. Conducted by Radio Annapurna P. Ltd., the central focus of our transmission is to produce and broadcast trustworthy information, informative program and entertaining program to the listeners. We produce and transform radio programs following the guidelines of professionalism and social responsibility.


NAMI (Naaya Aayam Multi-Disciplinary Institute) has been initiated by a group of like-minded distinguished and committed Nepali citizens with a view to contribute to the social and economic growth of Nepal. In partnership with the University of Northampton (UoN), United Kingdom, NAMI aims to bring world class education to Nepal and establish itself as a center of excellence for education.

Mirroring society

“We care to cure”

Alka Hospital

From a pharmacy to a polyclinic to a hospital, Alka has experienced a tremendous growth in the health sector. Established in 2006, Alka hospital is all about quality health care. Upgrading facilities with modern needs, Alka promotes the benefits of its services from pharmacy, round the clock Emergency services, Maternity Services, Ambulance services along with the general and specially operating theaters, and advanced laboratory set up.

Chhyangdi Hydro Pvt. Ltd.

Chhyangdi Hydropower Private Limited was incorporated as a private limited on 2064/05/16 BS and later converted into a public company as Chhyangdi Hydropower Limited on 2071/03/30. The main objective of the company is to use water resources in optimum level to generate hydropower electricity to fulfill the demand of electricity of the country.